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Fuel System ( Fuel Pumps, injectors )

The main objective of your fuel pump is to send fuel from its tank to the injectors, thus creating sufficient pressure to provide the precise amount of fuel to its desired location. You have a very high probability of disturbing the calibration of your fuel system with an ineffective fuel pump. A drained fuel pump could cause your engine to idle poorly, it could cause a hesitation during acceleration or loss of power, or just simply not provide enough fuel to your engine. A weak fuel pump could also create an increase in hydrocarbon emissions, and you may need to have an emissions test conducted.

The fuel injector converts liquid gas, fed by the fuel pumps into the engine, to a fine mist form that can be ignited and burned easily. How ever many cylinders your engine has is the amount of fuel injectors your vehicle has. The fuel injectors transfer the gas, in liquid form, to the engine’s cylinders. During the process, the fuel is converted into a mist form and sprayed onto the cylinders so it can burn quickly and efficiently.

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I was fortunate to find them when I was there for a quick weekend trip to see a friend. Being from out of town it's always scary to have a car break down, however, Tom worked quickly to take care of a pretty big deal and have me on the road to get home safely!! A big thank you!! My next visit I will have to come say hi again!!
Mary Jo Herold
I had my Lexus transmission rebuilt at Jack Smith and now it shifts like butter. Not only did they exceed the estimate on time, but were under the estimate on cost as well. We here at the Organic Mechanic have used Jack for transmission rebuilds for many years and they always stand behind the work and are a pleasure to do business with. Thanks again for the great work!!!
Service Writer
These guys are great and they really know their stuff. I work with a non profit that fixes donated cars for placement with local families in need, called Wheels 4 Hope- and Jack Smith Transmission has been a key player in our success. They are highly skilled, honest, and friendly. Taking your car to Jack Smith's helps Wheels4Hope to help local people get cars so they can to work!
Mike Campbell